Mobile & Telecom

Galaxy Note 7

Zambian regulator seeks withdrawal of Samsung Galaxy Note 7

September 22, 2016

Zambia’s telecom regulator has asked dealers of Samsung Electronics to notify it of how the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone will be withdrawn from the market

IT Security & Software

Threat Intelligence

Making Threat Intelligence Practical for Your Organization

October 9, 2016

If there is a drumbeat I will continue to harp on it’s the importance of practical cyber threat intelligence. With so much data out there, and so much

Digital Footprint

Digital tools give African culture a new voice

Digital tools give African culture a new voice

October 9, 2016

n Africa today, there is a renewed emergence, appreciation and exploration of the less conspicuous side of the digital boom – the impact of technology on



Avoiding Cracks in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

August 5, 2016

One of the problems in running a business is that things can fall through the cracks. Things that should be done don’t get done, or get done poorly. A crack,

Big Data

Data Insight

How To Make Big Data Insights Work For You

May 12, 2016

There’s no disputing that “big data” has become a buzzword in the tech world in recent years. From corporate strategy to climate change, big data has

Business Intelligence


Big Data Facts: How Many Companies Are Really Making Money From Their Data?

January 21, 2016

More and more businesses are waking up to the importance of data as a strategic resource. Yesterday, research released by the Economist Intelligence Unit

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