Water Resistance Computer


May 28, 2017 • Design & Technology, West Africa

Water Resistance Computer: 24 year-old Sierra Leonean Inventor and Innovator, Peter Temple has made an impressive breakthrough after his unmatched discoveries to invent Water Resistance Computer and a Sensor Bag with a spyware device that monitors all telephone conversations from twelve meters distance and transit it into the sensor hub as a recorded voice. 

Temple who sees German born Quantum Physicist-Albert Einstein as his god-father is regarded among Sierra Leoneans as a genius because of his extraordinary inventions which started at age 10 whilst at the Saint Edwards Primary School in Freetown. Without a teacher at such tender age, he read and became grounded in the theory of relativity, mass energy equivalence formula and its photoelectric effect and the orderly steps in the evolution of quantum physics.  Born in Freetown to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sefoi, Peter Temple is the last in a family of three.

On completion of his high school, Temple’s quest for higher education to be a globally recognised innovator motivated him to further his studies at the Sulisha Institute of Management and Computer Studies where he graduated with a Diploma in Hard Ware and Software Systems. He went further to acquire another Diploma in A+ and N+ in Networking and Computer Engineering at the Banktech College of Technology.

Temple said, “Technology is really just an amplifier of our abilities. With an incredible amount of intelligence, it allows us do more and faster.” My dream is to leave a legacy like my mentor, Albert Einstein.

With these new invented technologies such as Soft Touch Water Resistance Keyboard; X-ray Glasses; Belt Camera; Bracelet with an MP3 musical facility; Head Board Rechargeable and Pen mobile phone, Temple said one of the most aiding tools is a transistor.  He said it is one invention that has not really been replaced by world engineers, scientists and inventors.

Highlighting few functions of his newly invented technologies, he said one of them can scan the human body for medical and other diagnosis. He added that the X-ray glasses can scan the human body effectively and displays the position of a fetus in the womb of a pregnant woman.

As the Chief Executive Officer of “Level 2” Company, Temple said his team is working hard to unveil his products at an official launching scheduled this year. He therefore appealed to the Government of Sierra Leone and its development partners to support him further his education and fulfill his dream of becoming West Africa youngest engineer and scientist. He commended Nigeria’s engineer, engine builder and industrialist, Bisi Ezerioha (Born 6th January 1972) who enrolled at age 15 to study Petrochemical Engineering at the Anambra State University of Technology, Nigeria. Today, he said, Bisi is credited for building some of the world’s most powerful Porsche car and Honda motorbike engines.

“I am honestly convinced that this is the reappearance of our own Albert Einstein in Sierra Leone,” said Journalist Amadu Lamrana Bah of Media One Center. Temple’s discoveries are amazingly great, and if supported, will put Sierra Leone on the technological map in the Sub-region.

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