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2015 State of Analytics – 20 Key Business Findings

November 30, 2015 • AnalyticsComments (0)

A 2015 PwC survey of 1,300 CEOs in 77 countries, ranked data mining and analytics as the second most strategically important digital technology and organization capability, only behind mobile technologies for customer engagement. CEOs also believe that data and analytics is the most important capability for delivering a better customer experience and

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Why Analytics Professionals Are Destined for Leadership

September 4, 2015 • AnalyticsComments (0)

From the phenomenal increase in the number of calls that analytics professionals are getting from recruiters, to the fact that nearly every quantitative team is planning to hire this year, it is overwhelmingly clear that there has never been a better time

SAP: Pull More Value From Your Data

September 4, 2015 • AnalyticsComments (0)

If you throw away another piece of data, you’re fired. No, the IT Director who uttered those words wasn’t imitating Donald Trump during his days on the Apprentice and we don’t think he was actually going to hand anyone a pink slip either. But he did

Big data not doping:

June 22, 2015 • Analytics, Big DataComments (0)

How the U.S. Olympic women’s cycling team competes on analytics Sports and data analytics are becoming fast friends, and their relationship is a topic I’ve explored before. Another example I recently came across is how the U.S. women’s cycling

Salesforce Listening to Takeover Offers?

May 4, 2015 • Analytics, Big Data, Data ManagementComments (0) Inc., the software provider that has hired bankers to field takeover offers, would make sense as a partner for a buyer willing to spend a lot to become the leader in cloud computing. Salesforce jumped 12 percent to close at $74.65 in New York