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Big Data Facts: How Many Companies Are Really Making Money From Their Data?

January 21, 2016 • Business IntelligenceComments (0)

More and more businesses are waking up to the importance of data as a strategic resource. Yesterday, research released by the Economist Intelligence Unit reported that 60% of the professionals they quizzed feel that data is generating revenue within their organizations and 83% say it is making existing services and products more profitable. After surveying

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Six Business Intelligence Predictions For 2016

January 6, 2016 • Business IntelligenceComments (0)

2016 marks the third year that I’ve penned my business intelligence market predictions for Forbes. Upon reviewing what I wrote last December for 2015, I realized that while many of the predictions had already come to fruition, some are proving too soon to

Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends for 2016

November 25, 2015 • Business IntelligenceComments (0)

2015 was a year of significant change in the world of business intelligence. More organisations opened up data to their employees, and more people came to see data as an important tool to get their work done. Norms about business intelligence are evolving,

How Contextual Awareness Is Redefining Business Intelligence

November 13, 2015 • Business IntelligenceComments (3)

Contextual analysis, with the help of mobile devices and the Internet of Things, is giving businesses the data they need to reach individuals in relevant and meaningful ways. Decrypt Purchasing Behavior Retailers and major brands have spent the last two

Creating successful business intelligence – A supply chain approach to Big Data

November 4, 2015 • Business IntelligenceComments (0)

Data creation and collection has exploded in recent years and it is universally accepted by businesses of all shapes and sizes that business intelligence (BI) and insight drawn from that data can be used as a business differentiator. Successful business