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August 5, 2016 • ERPComments (0)

One of the problems in running a business is that things can fall through the cracks. Things that should be done don’t get done, or get done poorly. A crack, in this sense, is a situation that isn’t handled correctly. As a result something that should be done doesn’t get done. ERP is designed to …

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): The Search for Simplicity

August 5, 2016 • ERPComments (0)

Predicting the future is always dicey, but in the case of ERP we can do it fairly accurately. The reason is that the future, or at least the beginnings of it is already here. There are trends in place that are only going to become more dominant as time goes

SAP Skills for Africa comes to Cape Town

June 28, 2016 • ERP, Learning & EducationComments (0)

SAP Africa has officially introduced Cape Town to its latest chapter in the company’s Skills for Africa skills development and job creation initiative. This chapter of the programme involves local SAP customers and partners including; Accenture,

7 Often-Forgotten Steps to a Successful CRM Launch

October 20, 2015 • ERPComments (0)

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is experiencing a resurgence of popularity. Gartner research has found CRM is back on many CIO and CTO’s top-10 lists for the year to come, and 25 percent plan to implement the tool soon. As with any major

Embracing open source in Africa

August 21, 2015 • ERPComments (0)

Open source has become an integral part of the technology strategy of any business. The rise of cloud computing, big data, and even social networking, have seen open source being recognised as the way of the future. Matthew Lee, Regional Manager for Africa at