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Why companies need to embrace the digital revolution

November 3, 2015 • Digital MarketingComments (0)

Many companies today are in various stages of digital transformation. But true digital transformation requires the courage to challenge entrenched beliefs within one’s organization. For example, insurance companies have always relied on a bedrock belief that insurance policies will always need human agents to sell them — until the Internet proved that

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WordPress Professionals: 6 Ways to Grow Your Business

September 16, 2015 • Digital MarketingComments (0)

The life of a small business owner operating in the WordPress space can be at once, fun, challenging and even outright frustrating. It’s as though you are endlessly trying to manage the balance between growing your business and maintaining some degree of

The Future Is African – of course it is

September 7, 2015 • Digital MarketingComments (0)

This is a call to action for the dreamers of the world. Imagine being in a market where more people live in a high-speed mobile Internet zone than have electricity. Where farmers with $50 Android 5.0 smartphones use WhatsApp to joke with their friends on one

Yahoo woos mobile developers with help on ads, reporting, more

August 27, 2015 • Digital MarketingComments (0)

Yahoo is gearing mobile developers to wrestle user mind share away from traditional media outlets. Yahoo pitched mobile developers on new tools at a New York conference on Wednesday, aiming to inspire them to go out and build disruptive apps. “There

Fairscape Precinct recognised for excellence, innovation and technology

August 26, 2015 • Digital MarketingComments (0)

Botswana Development Corporation’s (BDC) headquarters, Fairscape Precinct, has been awarded two Fulton Awards by the Concrete Society of South Africa. The Awards included the Building Structure award for projects over $12.5 million (P100 million) in total