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Digital Kenya: An Entrepreneurial Revolution in the Making

December 14, 2016 • Digital Marketing, East AfricaComments (0)

A new book by Bitange Ndemo and Tim Weiss lifts the lid on the intersection between entrepreneurialism and Kenya’s impactful ICT sector. (Digital Kenya: An Entrepreneurial Revolution in the Making) ‘Digital Kenya, An Entrepreneurial Revolution in the Making’, is a landmark publication analysing Kenya’s world-famous ICT sector and the economic

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Kenya invites African entrepreneurs to scale their ventures

December 9, 2016 • East Africa, Start upComments (0)

EMRC, in collaboration with Entrepreneurial Solution Partners and the Strathmore University, has announced a call for action for entrepreneurs from all over Africa to bring their projects, ideas and running businesses and to discuss them with experts during

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Digital betting takes off in East Africa but legislation is lacking

November 10, 2016 • East Africa, Government & TechComments (0)

Betting and lotteries are not a new occurrence in Africa. In the 80s and 90s the Charity Sweeptakes and horse race gambling were a commonality in East Africa. Now, after years of lull, the betting scene has become one of the lucrative businesses in East

Micro Pay set to revolutionise mobile money sector in Uganda

September 1, 2016 • East Africa, Telecoms & MobileComments (0)

An ex banker in Uganda is changing the mobile money sector with the introduction of a single platform that serves all telecoms providers, a move that is aimed at further deepening financial inclusion in the land locked country. The new mobile money platform

First made in Kenya search engine ready for official launch

August 8, 2016 • East Africa, Social MediaComments (0)

My finda, the first search engine developed in Kenya was activated in January 2016 and has almost 400 businesses registered on it and at least 5,000 downloads. The application was developed by Finda Mobile Application Limited Company which was formed in 2015