June 24, 2015 • Learning & Education, West Africa

By Obrempong Brako Akomea | 24-06-2015 | Wirenkyiren Amanfrom

Over a couple of years ago, the Wirenkyiren Amanfrom Development Association (WADA), spearheaded by its indefatigable chairman Mr. Sampson Amo Nyampong and the ever beautiful Nkosuohemaa of Wirenkyiren Amanfrom Mrs. Adelaide Benneh, and with the assistance of its branch in the Diaspora, Wirenkyiren Amanfrom Diasporian Development Association (WADDA) saw the need to provide an ICT Lab for all the Primary and Junior Secondary Schools in the town.

In the words of Mr. Nyampong, it was necessary, due to the technological changes in the marketplace and for academic excellence, to put the children on the right path to achieving and reaching greater heights. He said:

“…we never had the opportunity of using computers, but that should not deprive the current generation from attaining same. We will do all possible to help them feel comfortable in their academic endeavours, he noted.”

As an indigene of Wirenkyiren Amanfrom myself, who has risen to become a Computer Scientist, without ever touching a computer until I completed my first Degree, I know the obstacles these pupils face to attain same. Occasionally, I use the ICT lab for my work. I go there with my laptop and connect to the Internet with my Vodafone Wifi. I resorted to using the ICT lab because one hardly gets a good Internet connection at Dome, a suburb of Wirenkyiren, where I reside.

On one occassion, a teacher was giving ICT lessons, and I realised that the pupils were congregated around only three computers. It was there and then, after interrogating the teacher, that I realised that the majority of the computers were not working, but due to the Almighty “Dumsor Dum Dum”, all efforts to ascertain the cause of some of the computers not functioning proved futile until the 24th of June 2015.

My checks revealed that most of the computers have display issues, connectivity problems, network problems and many more. Through the Headmaster of Wirenkyiren Presbyterian ‘A’, Mr. Emmanuel Amamu, I also learnt that the Printer is broken . A chat I later had with the WADA Chairman confirmed that the printer is indeed broken and has been taken to Accra for repairs.

This short report is to call on WADA and its executives to the dire situation the ICT Lab finds itself in. It is my prayer that WADA and WADDA will rise up and fix the problems the ICT Lab faces before things get out of hand.

•That the computers are re-serviced
•That the users of the computers are properly trained on its usage
•That the students are not allowed to use the computers unattended
•That the users of the Printer, after it has been repaired or a new one acquired, are trained to handle it with care.
•If possible, there should be a dedicated person who should deal with the Printer
•All things being equal, WADA should find ways of acquiring new computers, expand the ICT lab and furnish it as well.

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4 Responses to ICT LAB STATUS for WADA

  1. Way to go. Very much happy that the indigenes of a community are thinking of and helping their town to develop. Kudos.

  2. Avatar Mark Worlanyo says:

    A sure way to go.
    I am proud of the indigenes of Amanfrom from portraying such humanity towards the students of the village. I hope all towns and villages would emulate such a kind gesture.
    Kudos guys.
    M. Worlanyo from Esaase via Tema

  3. Obrempong Brakoh-Ajomeah has said it all, and as chairman of WADA, I wish to express my sincere thanks for reporting on the current situation of our Computer Lab. We have made several appeals to the citizens and all well-meaning persons to come to our aid so as to maintain and improve the quality of services at the ICT Center. We need more computers to meet the need of over 500 pupils as against the current 3 units of computers. I am taking this opportunity, once again, to appeal to everyone, be it corporate institutions or individuals to help these children.
    Our intention is to equip the Center so that Wirenkyiren schools could set their own mock examinations materials without difficulty in order the raise educational standard of the town. The copier/printer has been damaged beyond repairs due to the absence of a qualified person to operate the equipment. If you want to volunteer as a resource person to help upgrade the center, please contact me on 0244 171596 and we shall take it from there.
    Recently, the Association, through some past pupils of Wirenkyiren (Adjeley Adjei and brother Otreh Laryea), donated a number of books for Primary 1 up to JHS level. The materials included charts and a number of animation materials for the KG as well. The books were donated in the presence of a representative from the Kibi Municipal Assembly and Nananom and the citizens of Wirenkyiren.
    We are preparing to undertake a follow-up survey to determine the impact the books have made on our children at home.
    Dear fellow citizens, Diasporans, friends and sympathizers of Wirenkyiren, there is so much to be done to improve the educational standard of our children, but we need the assistance and the contribution from all to make this dream come true. Remember, that as individuals, we need to leave a legacy during our life time – I strongly believe that we cannot be remembered by the number of houses and cars we leave behind, but we can always be remembered by the number of future leaders we create behind us through these contributions and the selfless services we render to mother Wirenkyiren. Nana Nkosuo has already set the pace. Over the years, she has given scholarships to deserving and potential pupils who, but for lack of financial support, can make it in the future. This is a legacy. Nana Nkosuohene, Ayikoo!!
    What are you doing to help a disadvantaged child at Wirinkyiren? You can buy one or two “fairly used” computers, a printer, a photocopier, A-4 sheets, money for toners, taking care of a child or two to continue their education at SHS or university level? If you want to join us, please call 0244 171596 or send a message to [email protected] and you will be acknowledged. Nothing that has been contributed to WADA has ever gone waste. The team of dedicated executive members include Mr. Adu Theophilus, Mr. Sahene, Auntie Martha, Aunti Salomee, Auntie Gloria Ofosu, Sister Serwaa and sister Asantewaa, Mr. Amo Samuel and others. Our Diaspora Coordinators are Obrempong Brako-Akomeah, Nana Danquah (Sir Ringo) and others. The team is working under the able Patronage of Nana Nkosuo (Mrsl Adelaide Benneh).
    Sampson Amo Nyampong
    Chairman of Wirenkyiren Amanfrom Development Association (WADA)

  4. Thank you very much Mr. Amo Nyampong for your kind words and for being proactive. I know under your leadership WADA will rise up to the occasion.

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