The White House establishes a new agency to collect cyber security intelligence

February 27, 2015 • Software & Security

It’s becoming clearer with every new hack or DDoS that governments need to pay more attention to cyber security, so the White House has now signed for the creation of a new agency to help do just that: the Cyber Thread Intelligence Integration Center (CTIIC).

The FBI, CIA and NSA all deal with cyber security, but as organizations they often operate independently; the FBI doesn’t necessarily know what the NSA is up to and vice-versa. The CTIIC will assauge that problem by providing “a cross-agency view of foreign cyber threats, their severity, and potential attribution.”

The CTIIC won’t deal with attacks directly, but it will support the operations of other agencies like the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center and US Cyber Command by providing a “whole-of-government” view on attacks and policy.

By combining intelligence from various sources, the new agency will hopefully allow the US to respond more quickly to future cyberattacks, as well as better establish standards and practices to prevent them.

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